Dissertation on Diffusion of Mobile Internet Services

Antero Kivi, a former member of our research group, will defend his doctoral dissertation “Diffusion of Mobile Internet Services” on Friday, November 4th, 2011. As the title implies, the focus of the dissertation is at the diffusion of innovations taking place in the converging domains of mobile/wireless and the Internet.

According to Kivi’s dissertation, the diffusion of technological innovations is widely discussed in the literature. However, applications of the diffusion theory to mobile services have mostly concentrated on mobile telephony, and considered this diffusion to result from end-user adoption decisions that are made independently of other innovations. In contrast, the thesis of Kivi’s dissertation is that the diffusion of mobile Internet services systemic technological innovations depends on a cluster of separate but interrelated technology components that diffuse interdependently due to both demand-driven adoption and supply-driven dissemination.

More information about the defense is available at Aalto University web pages (in Finnish). A link to the dissertation will be added to MoMIE publications list shortly.

The MoMIE project is proud of this great milestone and wishes good luck to Antero for the defense!