MoMIE publishes two new journal articles

MoMIE project has recently got two new journal articles accepted and published, both utilizing mobile handset-based measurement data. The articles focus on the study of contextual patterns of smartphone usage and user attitudes towards handset energy consumption, respectively.

Juuso Karikoski and Tapio Soikkeli co-authored an article titled “Contextual usage patterns in smartphone communication services“, which was accepted to the Personal and Ubiquitous Computing journal. Results of the study imply that people use smartphone communication services differently depending on the use context. Handset-based measurement data are used to analyze the usage of voice calls, email, SMS, and instant messaging / VoIP services. Use context is identified with an algorithm utilizing mobile network cell ID and WLAN data and resulting in five place-related contexts.

Mikko Heikkinen, Jukka K. Nurminen, Timo Smura, and Heikki Hämmäinen co-authored an article titled “Energy Efficiency of Mobile Handsets: Measuring User Attitudes and Behavior“, which was accepted to the Telematics and Informatics journal. In the article, the behavior and expectations of mobile handset users towards energy consumption was studied. Mobile handset measurements and questionnaire studies from subsequent years were used to study both the actual behavior of the users as well as their explicit attitudes, expectations, and experiences. The results show that mobile device users need better information of battery status and energy consumption. Users also want to understand and control the energy consumption of different applications and services. This article is joint work with the Data Communication Software research group at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Congratulations and thanks to all the authors!

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