Dissertation on Techno-Economic Modelling

Timo Smura will defend his doctoral dissertation “Techno-economic modelling of wireless network and industry architectures” on Friday, March 23rd, 2012.

Smura’s dissertation work has been motivated by the ever increasing demands for wireless networks arising from the migration of Internet services and applications to mobile devices. At the same time, the uncertainty regarding different wireless technologies and roles of different actors involved in providing the services has been increasing. In this environment, technology analysis and decision-making requires a holistic view taking into account also industry architecture and policy-related aspects.

The dissertation makes several contributions to the theory and practice of techno-economic modelling. First, the dissertation explores the use of the predominantly technology-focused modelling methods in studying alternative industry architectures. Three separate techno-economic modelling studies are presented, analysing the feasibility of fixed WiMAX network deployments, virtual operator models in mobile networks, and industry architectures for DVB-H -based mobile television.

Second, the dissertation advances the theory and practise of techno-economic modelling in selected areas. A new approach is developed for forecasting the evolution of technology products and the diffusion of new product features. A framework for analysing the usage of the rapidly evolving mobile services is also developed, linking available usage measurement points to the four main technical components of mobile services: devices, networks, applications, and content. Finally, the use of scenario planning methods is demonstrated in managing and bounding the uncertainties related to the future of local area access networks.

More information about the defense is available at Aalto University web pages ([1] and [2], in Finnish).

The dissertation is available here (in English). The presentation slides of the “Lectio Praecursoria” are available here (in Finnish).