Mobile Handset Population in Finland 2005-2011

MoMIE project has published a new report about the mobile handset population in Finland. The report is based on data collected from mobile operators (Elisa, TeliaSonera, and DNA) about active handsets observed in their networks. The data has been collected annually each September, between 2005 and 2011.

The report shows that Nokia continues to dominate the handset population in Finland: at the time of the latest study it’s share of active handsets was 81% (86% in 2010), and also the ten most popular handset models were from Nokia. The top ten list of handsets included mostly mid-priced feature phones, the most popular model being Nokia 2760 for a third consecutive year.

The share of smartphones out of all handsets is increasing steadily, reaching 33% of the handset population in 2011. Different versions of the Symbian operating system account for 26% of the handset population, followed by Android (5%) and iOS (3%). The share of smartphones out of all mobile handsets is also expected to keep growing fast: in September 2011 their share of handset sales was already 56%.

Among the increasing share of smartphones and advanced feature phones, the diffusion of advanced handset features also continues. For example, more than a half of the handset population now supports 3G (WCDMA), and WLAN (Wi-Fi) is found in over a quarter of the handsets. 3G is forecasted to reach 80% penetration in three years and WLAN in four years, assuming that the constant growth trends observed in the sales of devices equipped with these features continues.

The latest mobile handset population report can be found here. For more information, please contact Antti Riikonen (