Dissertation on Mobile Peer-to-Peer Systems and Services

Mikko Heikkinen, a former member of our research group and MoMIE project, will defend his doctoral dissertation on “Techno-Economic Analysis of Mobile Peer-to-Peer Systems and Services” on Friday, June 8th, 2012.

Heikkinen’s dissertation analyzes the effects of emerging mobile P2P-based services and systems in the technology and business domains of the Internet. The dissertation applies multiple research methods to case studies on novel distributed mobile services, developing frameworks for the analysis of such services, extending existing theories and methods for such analysis, and reporting results from surveys and usage measurements on relevant topics.

The main techno-economic challenges in deploying mobile P2P systems and services are related to business models, resources, incentives, usability, security, and policy. Based on value distribution and usage analyses, Heikkinen asserts that mobile P2P systems and services are transforming the technology and business domains of the Internet.

More information about the defense is available at Aalto University web pages. An electronic version of the dissertation is available here.

MoMIE project is proud of Mikko’s achievement and wishes him good luck to the defense!